Foldable Rotation Tripod

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  • TPU Soft Contact: The part of the adapter that comes into contact with your device is made of durable TPU. It provides a comfortable grip for your phone while being safe and scratch-free for screens and screen protectors as well as delicate enclosures. Three Size adapter for your choose.
  • Portable Pocket-Sized - It takes up only 2 bank cards and can be comfortably placed in a wallet or card holder.
  • 180 Degree Tilt Adjustment - The device can be placed in a two-legged tripod in both directions. The device can be tilted to any angle within 180 degrees by changing the direction of the tripod over a range of motions over 90 degrees .
  • Functional Use - Compatible with a variety of equipment, embedded in the carbon fiber skeleton of the leg, holding the TPU contact surface of the mobile phone, the tripod body is made of high durability engineering plastic .
  • Special Features - Longevity exposure, video call, live video, selfie, dark scene, low light photography, iPhone camera, travel video, video blog, travel blog, group selfie