Outdoor Lighting Waterproof LED Mini Lantern

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This magnet LED flashlight will give you a bright night. Made of ABS material, safe and environmentally friendly. Perfect for working, car maintenance, home use, camping, etc.

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Main Features:
- Easily adhere to metal surfaces with the strong magnet
- Clip design, making it convenient for hands-free lighting
- This COB LED light will give you a stable light with very low energy consumption
- LED will give you stable and bright light, non-thermal radiation, safe and reliable
- The flashlight has the life waterproof ability, the normal rain will not appear the problem, but does not have the diving function
- Material: ABS
- Powered by 3 x AAA battery ( no included )
- Light source: 1 COB + 1 LED
- Lumen: 1000LM
- Lifetime is up to 10000 hours
- Power: 7W
Battery Type: AAA