Resistance Fitness Bands Set

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Working out from home has never been easier !!   

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The resistance bands can be integrated seamlessly to improve your muscular endurance, strength, balance, flexibility, body awareness and co-ordination. Apart from body building and fat burning, the fitness set is also useful for injury rehabilitation, perfect for beginners to experts. 

Constructed from high-grade latex and are securely fastened to heavy-duty metal carabiners. Our extra cushioned anti-sweat handles provide comfort and a secure grip. Each band can quickly be unclipped from our secure D-ring mechanism to adjust resistance levels.

For strength and muscle gains, go heavy with bands stacked together and perform your exercises slow and steady to challenge your muscles, while promoting growth at low reps. For toning and weight loss, choose a medium to light resistance and perform each exercise with higher reps to raise your heart rate and get a fat-burning workout like no other!